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Support from Elnovel to the business

Technology abilities:

  • Core R&D electronic team – broad in-house competence to provide complete solutions
  • Electronic technologies with commercial potential
  • Experience in cooperation with specialists and scientists from research institutions
    – option for complex technology tasks
  • Extraction of practical values from research results
  • Implementation from idea to a prototype

Border between business and technology:

  • Brainstorming on new business ideas based on electronic technologies (hardware & software)
  • Bringing problems which can be solved using electronic technologies
  • Lean start-up: fast selling tests and pivots in a product development
  • Understanding of user needs – towards innovation of value for final users
  • Creation of new market niches – Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Market analysis, business plan

What Elnovel can bring to a new start-up:

  • Technology solution in form of a hardware prototypes (inventors)
  • IPR, technology know-how
  • Setting up and training dedicated technology development team
  • R&D funds, technology investors